Mera Salon Suites

Gonzales, LA

Mera Salon Suites has experienced tremendous success since we built out their first location in 2020 at Highland Marketplace in Baton Rouge. That suite consisted of 9 salon suite rooms inside the retail space in the upscale shopping center. As they have grown they set their sights on a second location in Gonzales; an existing shopping center with an outlier retail building formerly occupied as a workout gym. We made significant improvements to the building including interior and exterior construction to bring the building up to date and create a salon masterpiece that the owners and community are excited about.

Condition of Property

  • We began with an approximately 7,000 square foot building previ- ously occupied by a workout gym. The existing roofing structure was in good condition, but the exterior façade stucco was old and outdated, and the walls, windows, and doors were in poor condition and required replacing.
  • We overhauled the interior by completely gutting it down to a blank canvas, cutting concrete and installing all-new plumbing and electrical systems and new walls to create many indepen- dent suites that would allow their business plan to expand. Final- ly, we added new doors, windows, flooring, lighting, and paint to elevate the salon to world-class caliber.


  • Tenant Improvement Dollars - Not Disclosed.
  • Construction Cost $1.1M (approximately)
  • Design Costs - Not Disclosed


Time of Construction December 2021

Duration of Construction 5 months

Timeframe Disclaimer

Please note: In spite of supply chain issues that severely impacted the construction industry, we were able to keep on schedule by creatively managing assets and leveraging relationships wherever possible.

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